endure and survive

"I didn’t ask for this."

i have discovered that too much adobo is a thing that can happpen

i have been betrayed

goya why

releasethebatsss replied to your post: My mailbox key doesn’t work wtf I’ll …

is your.phone functional again?

yep! it is!




she couldn’t save the ones who needed her most. what kind of champion is that?

their bodies were burned, but Logan found a nice spot outside of Kirkwall with a nice view to lay some headstones so she could go and have a quiet moment with her family every now and then. 

Guess who still can’t draw did you guess me?

Bc it’s me.

I’m trash.

I passed by a really cute guy going into the weight room.

Someone punch me.

My mailbox key doesn’t work wtf

I’ll have to ask my roommate if hers does